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5 Places Where Delhi Shops

5 Places Where Delhi Shops

Delhi and Mumbai has a sort of competitiveness that is unprecedented in several ways. People from both cities brag about the nightlife, culture, food, entertainment and more. However, both metropolitans have their plus points and excel in their ways. Delhi is known for its hospitality, culture, and food. Since it is full of life and the capital of India, there are a plethora of things one can do in Delhi. Tourists preference is subjective, and one may like either of the cities.

The capital of India has no dearth of grand shopping malls, entertainment options, and restaurants. It also has its fair share of monuments and archeological sites. However, what else is Delhi famous for? Shopping. Yes, Delhi has an extraordinary amount of markets for shopping and is consistently rated as one of the best experiences if you are looking to buy anything, especially on a budget. If you are a tourist in Mumbai and your next destination is to travel to Northern India, then visiting Delhi is imperative because it has an amalgamation of various cultures. For budget travelers, the best option is to visit a travel portal like Yatra and book cheap flights from Mumbai to Delhi. You will save enough to let yourself treat with a few more souvenirs.

Here’s are 5 must-visit places where Delhi shops and you should too

Sarojini Nagar Market
Nestled in the South-West part of Delhi, Sarojini Nagar Market is famous for buying quality clothing on a budget. It is dotted with shops left-right-center and is mostly frequented by youngsters. You will find expensive clothes that have been dumped here as an export surplus. Keep in mind that some clothes can have defects, so check for those faulty zips, stains, holes, or missing buttons. You can find some legit treasured clothing on a budget. Also, bargain hard and if you are a foreigner make sure you do not give in to the price. Avoid going on a Sunday to avoid the chaos and massive influx of shoppers.

Dilli Haat
Dilli Haat is set up in two locations viz. INA (South-West) and Pitampura (North-West). The word ‘Haat’ signifies the weekly village markets that were established in the early days. Delhi Haat is famous for its handicrafts from various parts of India. With over 200 stalls spewed over the area, Delhi Haat makes a perfect outing if you are looking to understand Indian art and craft without visiting the entire country. There are many things on can shop, not limited to beads, pots, sculptures, puppets and more.

Formerly called as the ‘Queen’s Way,’ Janpath has since then has transformed into a shopping hub. From clothing to accessories, one can zero down on many options, and that too on a budget! Stalls with traditional artificial jewelry dotted along the bylanes of Janpath in all their pomp and glory cannot be missed. The handicraft variety is insane, and if you are looking for those Punjabi/Rajasthani jutits’ then Janpath is the way to go. If you know your bargain tactics, you can have the price cut by half very easily.

Chandni Chowk
Chandni Chowk is one the oldest and most vibrant markets in Delhi. It has different markets nestled inside the area, which is famous for their individuality. Like the Katra Neel market in Chandni Chowk is a famous wholesale market for clothes such as silk, satin, cotton, muslin, and crepe. The other famous market in Chandni Chowk is the Bhagirath Palace, which is Asia’s largest market for electrical goods. If you are visiting Delhi for the first time, you cannot afford to skip Khari Baoli which is famous for spices. The Moti Bazaar is popular for pearls, and shawls and is also snuggled inside Chandni Chowk. Apart from all the shopping options, Chandni Chowk is dotted with plenty of places to munch on scrumptious delicacies.

Khan Market
Khan Market is one of the most expensive markets in the world based on its retail value. Yes, you read it right. A place where the elite and tourists shop and lounge. It has a plethora of shops ranging from clothing, jewelry, home appliances, and other goods. It is one of the finest places in Delhi to savor a meal with a surfeit of bars and restaurants. If budget is not a limitation, you should visit Khan Market for shopping all your favorite brands.