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3 Tips to save up to 10% on your next Emirates flight

3 Tips to save up to 10% on your next Emirates flight

Flights, especially long-range ones, are not cheap.  They become even more expensive if you travel using first-tier airlines such as the emirates. However, for someone who knows the hassles of international travel, shifting to some lower-tier airline is not an option. Such airlines may be cheaper, but they come at a cost to your comfort. As such, the best option you have is to find ways to cut down on your air travel costs on a major airline such as the Emirates. To help you achieve this end, here are 3 tips to save up to 10% on your next Emirates flight.

1. Use the Emirates promo code
The emirates discount code is one of the best ways you can save up to 10% on your flight. These codes are usually available on the Emirates site. The only challenge is that they are usually short-lived, and are very competitive. However, you can access one by visiting websites that offer hints on, when the next upcoming Emirates promo code will be available.  Besides, by getting updates from reputable websites on upcoming Emirates discount codes, you reduce chances of getting conned by people, who purport to sell you such codes but are just trying to scam you of your hard-earned cash.

2. Book your flights early
Unless you are extremely wealthy and don’t mind booking a flight at the last minute, it is always best to book your flights early enough. If possible, always ensure that your book at least one month, before the expected flight date. Research shows that if you book your flight more than a month before the flight date, you can save up to 20% of the travel expenses. Since Emirates applies the same booking rules as all other airlines,  it is best to ensure that you book in early, and you will get yourself 10%+ in discounts.  Booking more than a month early may not sound cool, but given that Emirates flights are not cheap, saving as little as 10% on the air fare can make a significant difference to your pocket. Besides, it can ease the travel planning hassles, on travel D-day.

3. Make use of airline data comparison sites
Checking out airline data is quite easy nowadays, thanks to the availability of companies that run data analytics on different airlines. For instance, if you check out data on Emirates, you will quickly realize that flight prices tend to vary depending on the month. A quick scan of such data sites will make you realize that in tourist demand peak times, fares tend to be higher.  Based on this data, you can choose to travel during the tourism low season, and save more than 10% on your fare. Such sites also give you an idea, on which payment methods and booking companies are cheaper. You will be surprised to learn that there are booking companies that can help you make the most of flight costs, and save 10% or more.