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Social Media Summit 2017

Social Media Summit 2017

Every April since 2014, hundreds of people from across the social media landscape come for [an extraordinary gathering of talent & energy] to participate at the Social Media world Summit in Dubai. In less than three years, SMSummitME has grown from 400 attendees to 1200 attendees and become “world’s leading & most important social media gathering”. No social media conference has ever grown so large so fast. The program will include interactive sessions, idea-provoking panels, inspiring presentations, and networking opportunities from from across the social media landscape focusing on helping marketers, business owners, and professionals implement [innovative] social marketing strategies. [PARTICIPANTS] will leave with a fresh perspective on the social media marketing, and key strategic insights on how social media fits in with their corporate objectives.


Date:Wednesday, 19th April 2017
Hours:00:00 am - 06:30pm
Telephone:+971 55 77 666 22


Burj Khalifa, Dubai, United Arab Emirates