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Xiqu Centre opens in West Kowloon, Hong Kong

The West Kowloon District, Hong Kong, has announced the opening of the Xiqu Centre which will be dedicated to preservation of the art of traditional Cantonese opera, xiqu.

The centre’s design has been inspired by traditional Chinese lanterns, and blends traditional and contemporary elements to reflect the evolving nature of xiqu.

Stepping through the main entrance, shaped to resemble parted stage curtains, visitors are led directly into a lively atrium with a raised podium and space for a variety of performances and exhibitions.

The eight-storey building houses the Grand Theatre, Tea House Theatre, Seminar Hall, eight studios, and a variety of retail, food and beverage and leisure facilities.

Peter Lam, chairman of the Hong Kong Tourism Board, said: “Hong Kong offers a mix of new and old culture, and xiqu, which is on the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, plays a pivotal role in heightening Hong Kong’s destination charm.

“The opening of the Xiqu Centre will also mark a big leap forward in establishing Hong Kong as an international arts and cultural hub, expanding the city’s appeal to a wider audience.”

The Xiqu Centre is the first landmark performing arts centre in the West Kowloon District, a new destination in Kowloon dedicated to the arts.

Video courtesy: Hong Kong Tourism Board