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New TV advertising campaign from Israel

The Israel Ministry of Tourism has announced the launch of a new TV advert, which airs this week.

The £2 million campaign, which includes TV, video on demand and online spend, was produced by LAPAM – Israel’s government advertising agency, with creative design from Allenby Concept House.

The 40-second advert will run this week until March 18th, on UK TV channels ITV, Channel 4 and Sky, among others.

The advertising campaign builds upon the ministry’s successful ‘Two Cities One Break’ campaign, with the aim to encourage tourists to visit the country’s main cities, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, in one trip.

The advert follows English television and radio presenter Sian Welby, the weather girl on duty, as she experiences the golden beaches of Tel Aviv to the historic sites of Jerusalem in an Instagram Stories-style format.

Director for the UK Israel Government Tourist Office, Sharon Bershadsky, said of the advert: “We’re very excited to announce our new TV ad is set to hit your living rooms.

“Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are incredible cities, with such different cultures, giving people the ultimate long weekend getaway for an unforgettable experience.”