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Casa Angelina prepares to reopen in Italy

Casa Angelina, the beautiful boutique hotel that sits high on the Amalfi Coast, looks forward to opening its doors to guests on July 1st and sharing its elegant home with people again.

Their most recent video shares an emotional and uplifting tale of how the sublimity of the Amalfi Coast feels empty without the joy of summer visitors, but that they rejoice and take solace in the fact that they will soon be able to open their doors to life and embrace guests again.

Indeed, it may not be the right time to travel at this very moment, but it is definitely the time to dream about the destinations that await us.

Annarita Aprea, director of sales and marketing at Casa Angelina Lifestyle said: “This is such an important project for us, and at a time like this it’s crucial to make a difference in the hospitality industry.

“The film reflects exactly how we feel: that Casa Angelina is a home away from home for our guests, and it really isn’t that same without them, the local people of the Amalfi Coast, and our employees that make Casa Angelina what it is.”

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