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VisitBritain unveils £6.5m ‘value-led’ campaign

11 February 2009 Press Release Tourism News

VisitBritain has unveiled a three-year strategy to boost the UK’s inbound market as well as develop cohesion between the government and the regional bodies. The new position will begin with a £6.5m campaign to promote the UK’s value for money, as well as its free access to national museums and galleries.

UK tourism leaders call for government support

11 February 2009 Press Release Tourism News

Britain’s top industry executives are hoping to give the nation’s flagging tourism sector a boost tomorrow as they join forces to urge the government to play more of a supportive role.The call to action comes as VisitBritain is set to reveal the findings of a review into the sector commissioned by the UK government.

Poor value and grumpy staff blight UK tourism says Rodrigues

8 January 2009 Press Release Tourism News

British hotels are being blighted by grumpy staff and poor value for money, according to chairman of VisitBritain Christopher Rodrigues.“We’re now in an environment where you have to do quality. Poor value for money and poor service costs jobs and will cost more jobs in a recession,” he told the Independent.

UK inbound figures slide after dreary summer

17 September 2008 Press Release Tourism News

The UK’s inbound tourism market has suffered a tough year as the triple whammy of a strong pound, high fuel and the economic downturn, which contributed to the first drop in visitor numbers in many years. International visitor numbers fell by 150,000 to 32.6 million, according the VisitBritain’s 2007/08 annual review. The decine in numbers from the developed world was not offset by growth in numbers from emerging markets.