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Complex visa applications hit European travel

Complex visa applications hit European travel

13 October 2010 Organisations & Operators

Nearly half a million visitors have postponed or even cancelled trips to Europe due to the complexities of visa application programmes it has been alleged. Conservative estimates from the European Tour Operators Association put the financial loss to the European Union caused by poor visa processing at over €500 million per year.

Visa reports rebound of global tourism

Visa reports rebound of global tourism

1 September 2010 Press Release Tourism News

A new report Tourism Outlook: USA from Visa Inc. indicates the tourism industry has begun to rebound during the first six months of 2010. This includes a strong growth in U.S. inbound spending from China and Brazil, which reinforces how Asia-Pacific and South America are seemingly the first to emerge from the downturn.

Visa claims World Cup victory

Visa claims World Cup victory

15 July 2010 Travel Events News

Visa transactions by international visitors in South Africa during the 2010 FIFA World Cup rose 70 percent to $312m, as the payments giant marked its first ever sponsorship of the football tournament.

Visa announces U.S. Tourism Outlook Report

11 June 2009 Press Release Travel Technology News

Visa today released announcements on Outlook: USA, is the second annual report which outlines spending by international tourist on Visa payment cards. The report found that in 2008, Visa cardholders from the U.S. spent $42.4 billion on their Visa payment cards in the top 170 destination countries. This is up almost 3 percent from 2007.

Visa release tourism outlook report

24 April 2009 Press Release Travel Technology News

A Global Market Insite study commissioned by Visa Inc. polled 5,539 adults across 11 countries who have traveled internationally in the past two years, and have a payment card.According to a new survey of international travelers in 11 countries, 44% of respondents say the last 12 months has not affected their willingness to travel abroad. And 23% of international travelers are more willing to travel abroad compared to one year ago.

Visa starts roll out of mobile banking

15 April 2009 Press Release Travel Technology News

The shift to making payments on a mobile phone is taking a major step forward with Visa launching the first mobile phone-based contactless payment system this week. The system uses NFC (Near Field Communications) technology, which has been agreed as the worldwide standard system, and will be rolled out initially across Malaysia.

Visa and GSMA further mobile booking partnership

18 February 2009 Press Release Travel Technology News

Visa and GSMA have announced they are to continue developing a partnership to deliver mobile financial services globally. Making the announcement at Mobile Congress World in Barcelona, the ongoing collaboration between the world’s largest retail electronic payments network and the world’s most popular wireless technology aims to make mobile payments more accessible to the mass market.

Olympic fans cheer on with plastic

12 August 2008 Press Release Travel Technology News

The thousands of tourists who have come to Beijing to cheer on their favourite athletes and countries have contributed more than just their Olympic spirit - they have given an immediate financial lift to the Chinese economy.