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United States ceases UNESCO funding following Palestine vote

United States ceases UNESCO funding following Palestine vote

1 November 2011 Organisations & Operators

The United States has confirmed it will cease to fund the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation following a decision to allow Palestine full membership. US funds account for approximately a quarter of the total budget of the body, which plays a significant role in the promotion of tourism through its World Heritage Sites programme.

UNESCO World Heritage List 2010

7 August 2010 Focus

With fewer than a thousand destinations afforded the prestigious honour, recognition by the UNESCO World Heritage List can catapult a national treasure to international fame. With just 21 additions to the list made this year, Breaking Travel News here takes a look at those which made the cut.

Campaign launched for World Heritage sites

18 July 2007 Press Release Hotel News

Friends of World Heritage, Expedia and the UNESCO World Heritage Centre is launching the ‘I Am a Responsible Traveler’ campaign to encourage individuals to undertake a series of easy steps to reduce their traveling footprint and enhance their experiences when visiting World Heritage sites.