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BA and Iberia on brink of merging

6 March 2009 Press Release Airline News

British Airways has dropped its strongest hint yet that its proposed merger with Iberia is imminent, saying there is only one outstanding issue to be resolved before the deal can proceed.Chief executive Willie Walsh confirmed a number of hurdles had been overcome, including the BA’s pension deficit and the chairman and chief executive roles. Most importantly, the share of ownership has also been agreed - this was earlier seen which as the biggest challenge due to the recent slump in BA’s share price, leading to Iberia pushing for an equal equity split.

Pensions regulators no barrier to Iberia mergers, says Walsh

9 February 2009 Press Release Airline News

Willie Walsh has said that British Airways does not need clearance from its pension regulator for its planned merger with Iberia.“There is no cash involved - it is an all-share merger. We don’t see any issue with our trustees. This will lead to a stronger company,” Walsh told The Times newspaper.

BA plans Qantas merger before Iberia

8 December 2008 Press Release Airline News

British Airways is planning to merge with Qantas before Iberia, according to The Times.The deal would involve the creation of a dual-listed corporate structure between itself and Qantas, followed by the merger with Iberia.