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Pilot killed and passengers hurt in Thai jet crash

Pilot killed and passengers hurt in Thai jet crash

4 August 2009 Airline News

A pilot has been killed and a number of passengers injured when a Bangkok Airways skidded off the runway before crashing into a disused control tower. The packed ATR72 aircraft had travelled from Krabi in southern Thailand and was attempting to land on the tourist island Koh Samui in treacherous weather.

Airbus long-haul fleet could be grounded

1 July 2009 Press Release Airline News

Airbus could be forced to ground its worldwide fleet of long-range aircraft tomorrow when accident investigators publish their first account on what caused Air France Flight 447 to crash off the coast of Brazil on 1 June.Experts believe that the French accident bureau will report that faulty speed data and electronics caused the Airbus 330 to stall during a tropical thunderstorm, killing 228 people.

Girl rescued from Indian Ocean but 152 feared dead

30 June 2009 Press Release Airline News

A teenage girl has been rescued from the Indian Ocean, the only apparent survivor from an airliner crash off the coast of east Africa in which 152 people are feared dead.The 14-year-old, whose first name is Bahia, was found floating 10 miles out to sea from the Comoros islands off where the Airbus A310 operated by Yemenia Air was trying to land.

Qantas grounds an A380 over fuel leak

3 March 2009 Press Release Airline News

Qantas has been forced to ground one of its A380s in the UK after the superjumbo developed a fuel leak.Passengers travelling from London to Melbourne endured a delay of more than 14 hours after the plane was declared “unserviceable”.