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Young Spanish travelers lead the way in embracing AI for trip planning, says Phocuswright

Young Spanish travelers lead the way in embracing AI for trip planning, says Phocuswright

A new report from Phocuswright, a leading travel industry research authority, reveals a growing trend of travelers adopting generative AI (GenAI) tools for trip planning.  Notably, young Spanish travelers stand out as the most comfortable using AI for this purpose, compared to other global markets.
When it comes to comfort level with using generative AI to help plan a trip, those most comfortable are more likely to be under 55 in the US, Canada and the UK, or under 35 in France, Germany and Spain.  Notably, young Spaniards are by far the most likely to indicate comfort in incorporating AI into their travel planning process, with 33% of young travelers reporting GenAI use, followed by France at 22%.

“The comfort level with GenAI for trip planning varies across age groups and regions – but it’s clear that Spain is leading the way in its adoption,” says Eugene Ko, director of marketing and communications at Phocuswright. “We are excited to be hosting the Phocuswright Europe Conference in Barcelona, a dynamic city that is paving the way for the rest of the world in AI adoption.  Young Spaniards stand out as demonstrably the most comfortable using AI to plan their travels – and it’ll be a key focus for us at the event to understand the drivers behind this.”

The news comes ahead of the upcoming Phocuswright Europe conference, which takes place from June 10-12 in Barcelona, where almost 1,000 travel leaders are expected to gather.  GenAI will be the focus of the event, which will examine the ways in which the technology has impacted the travel experience since it become mainstream.

The report, titled “GenAI and Emerging Tech Use Among Travelers,” highlights a significant rise in traveler awareness of GenAI technology.  Nearly half of travelers surveyed indicated they would be comfortable using a chatbot that interacts with them in natural language to gather preferences and offer personalized trip recommendations.

“The ability to use natural language sets GenAI applications up for high adoption,” continues Ko.  “Travel brands should continue down the path toward integrating GenAI into the ways in which travel can be planned, booked and experienced. In doing so, they should make a concerted effort to ensure that all interactions are safe, private and as convenient as possible. Particular attention should be paid to strategies and tactics aimed at making the technologies seem “friendlier” or less intimidating to those who have never tried them.”


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