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World’s first interactive 3D travel portal launches with “A journey to Everest”

World’s first interactive 3D travel portal launches with “A journey to Everest”

Singaporean company 3RD Planet will be unveiled as the first interactive 3D online travel portal. Harnessing interactive media for global travellers and enabling experiential learning, 3RD Planet users will be able to explore the world’s most famous sights with the click of a mouse.

Experience the World in Interactive 3D

3RD Planet takes users further than ever before allowing them to virtually step into their desired location, delivering an unprecedented virtual travel experience to a global audience from the comfort of their home. With interactive 3D CGI scenes incorporating genuine sounds to replicate the environment, 3RD Planet serves as an experiential educational tool for all ages, as well as a consolidated source of information for those planning trips. Users will be able to navigate streets, explore buildings and gather information about some of the world’s most iconic locations.

- Virtually ‘fly’ around the planet, zooming into specific locations
- Discover new places of interest
- Check out the world’s most famous tourism sights
- Walk through streets and interact with buildings and monuments
- Experience, educate and explore

“Journey to Everest”


The first taste of 3RD Planet will be available globally on 10th December with the launch of the inaugural experience – “Journey to Everest”. The first 1 Million people around the world to log on to will be able to sign up for free and immediately explore this first incredible journey, a snapshot of what is to come as 3RD Planet develops.

3RD Planet chose to launch with “The Journey to Everest” as it is one of earth’s great wonders; 3RD Planet unlocks the mystery and enables people all over the world to explore and discover. Working together with the Nepal Tourism Board, 3RD Planet has brought the key sights of Nepal to life in interactive 3D CGI. Users will virtually embark on the journey towards Mount Everest, discovering the highlights of the country and unearthing knowledge on route. Prachanda Man Shrestha, CEO of the Nepal Tourism Board, explains: “As a national tourism office, we place a strong emphasis in presenting our tourism attractions to the global market in a unique way. The beauty of Nepal cannot just be described in pictures and words, and 3rd Planet has an amazing technology that enables us to showcase our country in a totally new dimension.”

As a culturally rich country with ten UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Nepal is a dream destination for global travellers and 3RD Planet is able to showcase its myriad of remarkable destinations in a brand new way, with four locations in 3D. In 2012 the next stage will be unveiled and users will encounter the phenomenon of Mount Everest in the third dimension.

The Future for the Global Tourism Industry

With high quality graphics and an easy to use interface, 3RD Planet is a brand new marketing platform which enables the global tourism industry to showcase major tourism attractions and places of interest using interactive media.

3RD Planet demonstrates the extraordinary potential of the future of technology in tourism, with users able to explore the planet virtually within an immersive 3D world, flying through landscapes and narrowing down searches to key tourism spots, the “Coolest Places on Earth” or “Icons of the World.”

CEO Terence Mak, a Singaporean entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the application of technology, developed the concept for 3RD Planet as an avid traveller himself. He felt there must be a better way to access locations around the world, both prior to a trip and for general interest, and recognised the potential of the powerful medium of interactive 3D technology to global holidaymakers. Mak summarises: “3RD Planet will offer end users an unparalleled experience to better visualise tourism destinations and equip them with more knowledge of what the locations have to offer before they travel.”

A new frontier for the travel industry and global travellers, 3RD Planet will launch on 10th December, with further locations rolled out over the months to come as 3RD Planet truly comes to life.