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WATG reveals designs for St. Regis Astana

WATG reveals designs for St. Regis Astana

WATG, the world’s leading hospitality design firm, and Wimberly Interiors, a design studio of WATG, have revealed the design of the St. Regis Astana, inspired by Kazakhstan’s mythology and traditions.

The hotel marks the first entry of the St. Regis brand in Kazakhstan, bringing a new height of luxury to the historical crossroads of human civilisation.

Located on the banks of the Ishim River, at Central Park, Astana’s most coveted address, WATG used the hotels’ prominent location to inspire a design that highlights the distinct cultural heritage of Astana.

The design takes a traditional, yet grand approach to luxury hotel design, using a hierarchy of spaces and forms to make the building an icon within the city scape.

Both the yurt-inspired building form and the hotel entrance engage with the open land and tree-scape nearby, paying homage to the traditional Kazakh dwelling.


Crafted using an antique bronze aesthetic combined with steel and glass, the yurt is a modern take on the iconic national Kazakh design.

The overall architectural design also positioned the terraces, public promenades and restaurants along the waterfront allowing the hotel to leverage the extraordinary views of the Ishim River.

“We wanted the building to be a timeless addition to the city. 

“We didn’t want the building to take any specific stylistic mode; we wanted it to be a contribution, both stylish and elegant.

“We envision the area to evolve in a similar way to New York’s Central Park, where the buildings line the borders of the parklands,” commented Jeremy Heyes, senior vice president, WATG.

The interior design narrative takes inspiration from Kazakhstan traditions, every detail is hand-selected and bespoke.

Using regal features and luxurious textures including embossed leather chairs, patterned timber flooring, shadgreen clad joinery, Eglomise mirrors and Cut Crystal Chandeliers, while maintaining the most modern of comforts.

WATG and Wimberly Interiors infused the St. Regis brand elegance with the history or the surrounding landscape and local culture in a subtle but distinctive way.

Horses are an intrinsic and historical part of Kazakh culture, and the interior design weaves equine touches effortlessly through various artworks, fabrics and antique bronze equestrian buckle detailing.