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Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal expands innovative culinary programme

Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal expands innovative culinary programme

Building on Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts’ commitment to culinary excellence and offering unparalleled guest amenities, the Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal has announced the debut of several culinary enhancements across the legendary resort. The expanded gastronomy program includes a new open-air Agave Study at Peacock Alley, Neutral Coffee Lab, a culture-rich cafe, and a re-design of the property’s signature restaurant, Don Manuels that spotlights TRAVESÍA, a nine-course tasting menu all surrounding the beloved taco.  With a focus on bringing authentic and unforgettable experiences rooted in Mexican culture to life, these new offerings highlight the different flavors and ingredients of the country, taking guests on a culinary journey while visiting the resort.

“Food and beverage have always been at the forefront of the guest experience at Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal,” said Fernando Flores, general manager, Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal. “We are incredibly proud of our reinvented culinary program which provides guests with an immersive and reimagined experience touching all five senses to further root guests in the destination.”

Agave Study at Peacock Alley
As guests arrive at the majestic resort, they are greeted by the new Agave Study at Peacock Alley. This sensory experience centers itself around the craftsmanship of agave spirits native to Mexico. Rooted in ancient tradition with unbounded respect for the earth, the Agave Study invites guests to pay homage to Mexican purveyors while in an atmosphere that is both familiar and elevated. Fully immersed in multi-sensorial tastings that pair handmade agave spirits with local delicacies, guests experience a new landmark at Los Cabos, Pedregal.  The resort’s Director of Bars and Agave Expert, David Hernandez, carefully selected the featured spirits, pottery, and glassware through his work with the Maestros of personal distillation process in Oaxaca who specialize in the deep cultural traditions of these classic spirits. The five agave spirits served at the Agave Study include:

    Tequila/Jalisco: Agave tequilana weber variedad azul is where tequila is obtained from and is the most famous alcoholic beverage.
    Mezcal/Oaxaca: Mezcal has been increasing in popularity and has some labeling as the parent of the tequila because both are made from the agave plant.
    Bacanora/Sonora: Bacanora is a type of beverage that comes from the same family as mezcal. What makes it so unique is that it can only be planted in the State of Sonor with the agave plant, Pacifica or Yaquiana.
    Sotol/Chihuahua: Sotol is originated in the Chihuahua desert and holds a flavor of hazelnut with butter and yeast notes.
    Raicilla/Jalisco: Raicilla is a drink that is similar to mezcal but is obtained from the distillation of fermented juices that is extracted from several types of matured agaves.

“I am grateful to have spent precious time in Oaxaca with the Maestros in local communities to learn and taste the agave spirits from generations of experts. This experience enables our team to provide guests with a deep knowledge of each spirit and share stories about the people and the traditions which make the spirits come alive,” said David Hernandez, director of bars and agave expert, Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal. “It was important to keep the authenticity of the agave tasting experience which is why we only serve our selections in handcrafted vessels and pair each spirit with notable culinary ingredients from the regions and traditions where the agave spirits are distilled.”


Neutral Coffee Lab
Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal has also expanded its commitment to authentic experiences through the debut of the Neutral Coffee Lab. The new outlet is an elevated coffee experience at its finest. Guests are told stories of the coffee culture as they learn the origins, methods, and people behind what has made coffee such a globally enjoyed beverage. Through the coffee varieties from around the region and brewing methods such as French Press, Pour Over, Drip, and Espresso, guests discover which bean and method they enjoy most through the knowledge of Neutral’s passionate baristas. In addition to the coffee culture, guests can also enjoy a selection of gourmet sandwiches, salads, and pastries all of which can be enjoyed on the adjacent terrace that overlooks the Pacific Ocean.

Don Manuel’s
Lastly, the re-design of Don Manuel’s provides guests with a deeper connection to the destination, an extensive wine collection developed by Wine Director, Jhonatan Adame Mejia, and the debut of TRAVESÍA at Su Cocina, a nine-course tasting menu. Acknowledging the popularity of Mexico’s beloved taco, TRAVESÍA celebrates the history, traditions and rich ingredients that have developed the love for this iconic dish. Nestled at Su Cocina, this culinary tour de force welcomes guests to traverse through unique flavor profiles crafted and cultivated in Mexico. From the coastal fare of oysters and blue prawns, to farm-to-table favorites like lamb shank barbacoa and wagyu cheeks, patrons at TRAVESÍA are invited to use their tastebuds to roam and discover Mexico’s distinct landscapes.  As its name denotes, the spirit of exploration is at the core of TRAVESÍA.

Through these new culinary enhancements, guests can embark on a cultural Mexican journey when visiting Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal.

Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal was nominated as the Mexico’s Leading Beach Resort 2021 by voters at the World Travel Awards.