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Visit Portugal’s New Campaign: It’s not tourism. It’s futourism.

Visit Portugal’s New Campaign: It’s not tourism. It’s futourism.

Visit Portugal celebrated the New Year launching a new campaign that was presented in Lisbon. #It’s not tourism. It’s futourism, is the motto for this campaign that sets 12 New Year’s resolutions for the tourist of the future.

There are 12 commitments to inspire people to take an active role in the changes that tourism needs, in Portugal and around the world. More than just a campaign, it aims to mobilize people to change the way they travel.

This campaign is aligned with the 2027 Tourism Strategy, the strategic guideline for tourism in Portugal, and with its ambition: to lead the tourism of the future. It calls on everyone to join Visit Portugal on this transformative journey towards a more inclusive, sustainable, and responsible tourism. Portugal’s Tourism Strategy 2027 sets a new milestone in tourism policy, placing sustainability at the core of the country’s strategic options. This campaign reinforces and reflects this vision.

On the very last day of 2023, Visit Portugal presented this #Futourism “movement”, which invites future tourists to turn their trips into more authentic and sustainable experiences, resulting in a positive impact for territories, the environment, and the communities.

During the first twelve days of 2024, VisitPortugal will be showcasing 12 short videos with the following New Year’s Resolutions (one per day):


It’s not unengaged. It’s committed.
It’s not virtual. It’s real.
It’s not ours. It’s yours.
It’s not standard. It’s unique.
It’s not glocal. It’s local.
It’s not a wave. It’s an ocean.
It’s not grey. It’s green.
It’s not brash. It’s humble.
It’s not trendy. It’s trendsetting.
It’s not negligent. It’s conscientious.
It’s not rushed. It’s immersive.
It’s not artificial. It’s human.
#It’s not tourism. It’s futourism targets Portugal’s top priority markets, namely United Kingdom, Spain, France, Germany, United States, and Brazil.

According to data collected from January to October, Portugal achieved record levels of guests 26,3M (+13,7%), overnight stays 68,5M (+11%) and revenue 22,3€ billion (+19,8%) compared to 2022. To sustain this growth VisitPortugal is working to bring tourism activities to the interior of the country to reduce seasonality and, at the same time, to accelerate the sector’s environmental and digital transition.

Traveling consciously is not just a choice, it’s a legacy we build together. Join us on this transformative journey. #It’s not (just) tourism, it’s Futourism.

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