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Visit Portugal launches new wine focus

Visit Portugal launches new wine focus

Visit Portugal has launched a new digital platform focused on the wine industry.

The website which aims to position Portugal as a world leading wine tourism destination.

It provides a unique way to discover Portugal through its wines and embrace the culture of the country.

The new campaign - ‘Portugal Pairs with Wine’ - is an initiative under a wine tourism action plan created to boost awareness of the outstanding wine sector, attract visitors to rural areas year-round and build bridges between the different economic sectors.

The new digital platform means visitors can access and experience the excitement and history of winemaking in Portugal through numerous wine pairing tourism experiences throughout the country.


Plus, there is more on events, local tips and information about each region.

Featured activities include carriage rides with wine pairing, a bicycle tour in the Vinho Verde region, grape harvesting in Alentejo and a hiking trail along the Caminhos de Santa Luzia - Pico, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

From the charming province of Minho where the vinho verde grapes grow in abundance on trellises to the rolling historic terraces of the Douro River Valley, Portugal offers beautiful, verdant landscapes of the wine-making regions.

Image: CM Borba