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Vayant’s Pricing Cache brings even greater flexiblity to travel sellers

Vayant’s Pricing Cache brings even greater flexiblity to travel sellers

Vayant Travel Technologies, a world leader in B2B airfare search innovation, today announced the launch of the latest version of Pricing Cache, its cache export solution for Online Travel Agents (OTAs), Tour Opertors (TOs) and Airlines.

Announced on the eve of Vayant’s attendance at ITB Berlin 2013, Pricing Cache V2.0 makes Vayant’s custom cache solution even more flexible. Travel retailers have the ability to fine tune their customer’s travel shopping experience through a comprehensive set of parameters that consistently deliver accurate air search results.

Pricing Cache can support any market cache on a world-wide basis, such as market-driven cache, country, cross-country and continent-scale cache.

New features of Pricing Cache V2.0 include for each origin and destination combination support for multiple passenger types and different fare classes in a single cache. Travel retailers can also specify maximum connection times, airports, airlines, routes, and define the number and type of search results in their respective cache.

Pricing Cache’s unique and proven technology now enables updates up to 24 times a day.  The ability to refresh the cache through the day means travel retailers benefit from the cost effectiveness of caching without compromising on accuracy.  The solution delivers, on average, 75 per cent or greater bookability (versus a maximum of 40 to 60 per cent for rival offers).


Boyan Manev, Director Business Development and Product Marketing at Vayant, said: “We are constantly working to enhance our solutions and stay ahead of the competition. We must ensure travel retailers have fast, cost-effective ways to provide their customers with the most relevant offers available. With Pricing Cache V2.0, travel retailers can define search around their customer’s needs more tightly than ever before.  It all adds up to a better customer experience.”

First launched in July 2012, Vayant Pricing Cache is being used by travel retailers including Hotelplan,, HLX and Binoli.