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Vayant Travel Technologies launches Live Fare Emails

Vayant Travel Technologies launches Live Fare Emails

Vayant Travel Technologies, a world leader in B2B airfare search innovation, today announced the commercial launch of Live Fare Emails, the latest addition to the Vayant family of inspiration air search and marketing tools. 

Live Fare Emails promises to revolutionize email marketing campaigns, making them an effective sales tool and not just a marketing exercise.

They have the ability to increase conversions, drive more traffic to the travel provider and boost margins.

Live Fare Emails is designed to help airlines and online travel agencies boost conversion rates inspirational and live priced on their email marketing campaigns. 

Current email marketing campaigns give travel providers an effective way to target relevant offers at their customers; however by the time the emails reach the customer any air fare information is often out of date. 

Live Fare Emails addresses this issue by ensuring fares are automatically updated when the mail is opened. 

With Live Fare Emails, the customer always receives fresh and fully-priced information: the fares they see are the fares they can book, there and then. 

This means a seamless and richer customer experience, resulting in higher conversion rates.

Like all Vayant search and marketing solutions, Live Fare Emails is designed for rapid deployment. 

Flexible APIs mean travel sellers can implement Vayant shopping and search solutions in a matter of days, running them alongside their normal booking systems.

Eric Dumas, Vayant chief executive, said: “Talking to the industry, we know traditional marketing emails often deliver frustration, when the recipient clicks on a great fare and finds they can no longer book it. 

“They can be seen as a necessary evil, more about boosting brand and less about being an effective sales tool. 

“Live Fare Emails totally turn this perception on its head and put sales at the forefront. 

“They are about inspiration: enabling airlines and OTAs to entice their customers with relevant offers that are always up-to-date.”