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UKinbound membership and benefits continue to grow.

UKinbound membership and benefits continue to grow.

Launching its new Membership card scheme making it easier for members to take advantage of the special offers and unique business benefits available from UKinbound, Mary Rance, Chief Executive said:

“ Membership of UKinbound has now reached its highest level for five years and the associated benefits continue to grow. Whilst undoubtedly the most important benefits are the business to business networking, commercial opportunities and political representation, UKinbound also looks to offer direct savings for members on professional services and a whole range of member to member offers.”

Sponsored by First Rate Exchange, the increasing number of members and participants offering discounted products and services, led to the development of an easier way for the members and participating venues to control and identify those who were eligible to benefit.

Cllr John Fahy, Greenwich Council’s Cabinet Member for Culture and Olympics, said: “We are pleased to become a member of UK Inbound. Joining will allow us to engage with a wide range of tour operators, travel companies, venue operators and travel media to help promote Greenwich to an international audience, up to and beyond 2012.”

First Rate Exchanges’ Business Development Manager, Wayne Maraj was happy to present Cllr John Fahy with his new card, welcoming Greenwich Tourism, the latest new member of UKinbound under the watchful gaze of Lord Nelson.