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Turkish Airlines offers free accommodation for Istanbul stopovers

Turkish Airlines offers free accommodation for Istanbul stopovers

Turkish Airlines is offering free accommodation in Istanbul for passengers with roundtrip tickets to Africa, Asia, the Far East and Middle East.

Passengers will have the chance to extend their trip and make the most with a stopover in Istanbul, a city that is brimming with delicious food, steeped in history and rich with culture.

At no extra cost, passengers can benefit from a free stopover service on the outbound or the return journey, they simply need to send an application to the relevant country’s e-mail address at least 72 hours before the first flight.

The new service includes a one-night stay in a four-star hotel for economy class passengers, and a two-night stay in a five-star hotel for business class passengers.

Free accommodation will apply to return ticket holders who are flying to or from the UK from any of the following five UK airports - London Gatwick, London Heathrow, Edinburgh, Birmingham and Manchester.


Commenting on the launch of the new stopover service, Turkish Airlines general manager, London, Celal Baykal, said: “It is with great pleasure that we are announcing our new initiative available for passengers with round trip tickets to Africa, Asia, Far East, Middle East destinations.

“Every year we see thousands of British travellers flying out to these destinations and we’re proud to offer people the opportunity to widen their world with Turkish Airlines and maximise their trip away with a free stopover in Istanbul.”