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TUI chief seeks Canary Islands support

TUI chief seeks Canary Islands support

Peter Long, chief executive of TUI Travel, has called for greater support from the Canary Islands’ government.

In a brief address at an event for tourism officials and partners earlier, Long said offering financial incentives to low-cost carriers created an un-level playing field and urged the government to treat all airlines equally.

TUI Travel’s airlines bring in over 2.5 million tourists to the Islands annually and have been supporting tourism in the Canaries for 30 years.

Long used the opportunity to also highlight how important the Canary Islands are to the group, praising them for their incredible people, impressive hotels, amazing experiences and fantastic climate which have long proved a favourite destination for TUI travel customers.

Accounting for over 20 per cent of the tourists who visit the Canaries from 13 countries, Long reiterated that TUI Travel’s strategy of offering unique holidays and differentiated hotels is proving itself again and again.

He asked for further support from the government and hoteliers in investing in the holiday offering on the Islands as the group plans to renovate, improve and develop new differentiated hotels in conjunction with its trusted hotel partners to attract more customers.

Long finished his address by adding that the Company’s main business runs through the holiday cycle bringing value to the Islands in several areas including airports, hotels, transportation and excursions and that developing a plan with the Government and partners on the Islands will benefit everyone.