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Travelport and Nakhal & Cie re-affirm partnership

Travelport and Nakhal & Cie re-affirm partnership

Travelport, the business services provider to the global travel industry, has re-affirmed its long-standing GDS (global distribution system) partnership with one of Lebanon’s most established travel and tourism agencies, Nakhal & Cie. The renewed agreement will see the Beirut-headquartered agency deploying Travelport’s Galileo system for another three years.

Nakhal and Travelport-Lebanon have been working closely together for several years, establishing a mutually beneficial collaboration that now extends into the online space, with Travelport also powering Nakhal’s web portal, the number one online travel site in the Arab world. As a specialist hotel aggregator and ground transportation provider, content is also available through Travelport’s own non-air portal Rooms and More.

“Our renewed agreement with Travelport-Lebanon is a reflection of the confidence and value we place in the Galileo GDS and the Travelport organisation,” said Jean El Zailaa, Ticketing and Airlines Director, Nakhal & Cie. “In addition to extending our retail distribution relationship, we are working with Travelport in building our respective online hotel offerings and look forward to new and exciting projects in that space.”

With more than 52 years of experience and 125 staff members across Lebanon, Nakhal is one of the oldest and most specialised travel and tourism agencies in the country. Its leadership and creativity have made it a pioneer in many fields, including online travel bookings.

Najwa Tarabah, general manager of Travelport-Lebanon, commented: “We are delighted to renew our partnership with Nakhal, building on a longstanding, collaborative relationship. Despite the agency’s long history within the travel and tourism industry, they have always been early adopters of new distribution technology and have been invaluable partners in both the leisure and corporate travel segments.”