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Travelocity: Cost of Spring break travel increasing

Travelocity: Cost of Spring break travel increasing

Travelocity released data today, which indicates a nine percent rise in domestic airfares and a seven percent growth in the cost of international airfare for spring break this year, which for most travelers falls between March 1 and April 15. Despite this trend towards higher ticket prices, well-prepared spring break travelers can still find excellent travel deals depending on their destination.

Prices to Beat for Spring Break
Essential to finding the best travel deals is having a benchmark to which travelers can compare their fares. Travelers should consider the average ticket prices - $372 for domestic travel and $782 for international airfare – as the prices to beat for spring break travel.

“While international travel tends to be more expensive, the percentage increase is less than that of domestic so it is worth considering if you have a full week to travel this spring break,” explains Courtney Scott (@courtscott), senior editor at Travelocity. “Ticket prices to destinations in the Caribbean, Central America, Mexico and South America continue to be affordable. For maximum savings, look at booking an all-inclusive spring break vacation package or a Top Secret Hotel, which offers up to 45 percent off published rates.” 

Top Value Destinations for Spring Break
The good news this year is that many of the most popular spring break destinations are also some of the best value destinations, including warm weather hot spots like Cancun, Las Vegas, Jamaica and Miami.  Even deeper value is found on flights to major cultural hubs like New York, Chicago and Washington, DC, where you’ll experience a more non-traditional, urban spring break getaway.  Additionally, airfare to Denver and the ski areas of the Colorado Rockies are running lower than the national average and last year’s prices. 
The top domestic and international value destinations for spring break 2013 include:

New York (Price to Beat $287)
Las Vegas (Price to Beat $362)
South Florida (Price to Beat $369)
Orlando (Price to Beat $350)
Chicago (Price to Beat $282)
Boston (Price to Beat $293)
Washington, DC (Price to Beat $310)
Denver (Price to Beat $289)


Cancun, Mexico (Price to Beat $583)
San Jose del Cabo, Mexico (Price to Beat $592)
Jamaica (Price to Beat $524)
Dominican Republic (Price to Beat $619)
Bahamas (Price to Beat $516)
San Juan, Puerto Rico (Price to Beat $438)
San Jose, Costa Rica (Price to Beat $688)