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Travel Car Hire have enhanced their car hire Alicante service at the Fitur 2010

Travel Car Hire have enhanced their car hire Alicante service at the Fitur 2010

The international tourism fair, Fitur 2010, presented itself as the perfect mark for Travel Car Hire to enlarge their quota of suppliers in Alicante and Valencia.

At the IFEMA, with close to 75,000 m2 distributed between 10 galleries, the International Tourism Fair, Fitur 2010 opened their doors from the 20th until the 24th of January.

This fair, one of the most important of its kind on an international scale, hosts exhibitors and visitors related to any organisation belonging to the tourism industry.

From travel agents, transport companies, utility companies, hostels, through to wholesalers, tour operators, official Spanish and foreign agencies, residential tourism…

At this years opening, which coincided with the fair’s 30th anniversary, there was a noted 13% reduction of occupants from last years figures due to the situation of the international economy.


Ana Rubio, communications manager for Travel Car Hire comments, “All the organisations dedicated to the tourism industry were anticipating that the economic situation would affect the turn-out of this years Fitur.”
“Nevertheless, we should highlight the organisational role that has brought out the potential for the summons to remain a success; as it has turned out to be.”

The Fitur 2010 organisation, conscious of the current state of the industry, took the gamble of widening the necessary requirements and made them more flexible in the aim of enabling companies to participate as exhibitors at the fair.

So this year, the spaces assigned to those exhibiting were reduced in order to make participation in the fair less of a financial cost to companies of the tourism industry.

Alongside the reorganisation of the grounds, they maintained the same prices as last year to contract them. They also made it easier for the exhibitors to contract single enclosed stands at a more affordable price.

Ana Rubio explains, “With all the measures that were taken by the organisation they managed to sustain a turn-out equal for Fitur 2010 to that of last years.”
“For Travel Car Hire, the fair was an opportunity to establish relationships with new suppliers of hire cars, without having to leave the country. As events are developing, we are getting the feeling that there will be a repeated shortage of hire cars this summer on the Costa Levantina. This is the reason we are making a significant effort to sign up more suppliers for car hire Alicante and car hire Valencia regions.”

“Fitur 2010 was an ideal mark for the completion of our goal.”

In addition this year the fair had new participation from companies belonging to the African and Near Eastern industries. In all it is an event that companies of the tourism industry did not want to miss.