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Tourism week in Seychelles launched with reopening of Cap Lazare Restaurant

Tourism week in Seychelles launched with reopening of Cap Lazare Restaurant

The spectacular setting of the restaurant has always kept it as a favorite venue for incentive groups and special gatherings.

Joe Albert, the owner of the premises, opened the evening by expressing his joy for having had the honor of hosting the first event to mark Tourism Week 2011. “Many places and destinations today can claim to be paradise, but we all know that with settings like where we are at “Cap Lazare” in the Seychelles, we remain certain that we are the ultimate in paradise destinations,” said Joe Albert.

Alain St.Ange, CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board, said, when he took to the podium, that it was important to congratulate Joe Albert and his “Creole Travel Services” for having rebuilt the great “Cap Lazare” Restaurant in keeping to Creole style and to the authentic Seychelles architecture. “Today we mark the opening of Tourism Week 2011 with welcoming back a great setting for our visitors and for our population. Tourism Day is celebrated in every country who is serious in wanting to develop its tourism industry, and today Seychelles wants to echo to the Community of Nations that for us tourism is our key industry, so much so that it is regarded as the pillar of our economy. Our week-long program of activities will feature on our country’s official calendar of events, and this includes the Seychelles Ball, which is now set to become the social event of the year. The Tourism Board is thankful to all those who have worked with us to mark the 2011 Tourism Week,” said Alain St.Ange.

The Seychelles tourism trade enjoyed the spectacular setting of “Cap Lazare” as the popular local musical group “SOKWE” provided entertainment until late in the night.