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Caution urged to travellers as Middle East demonstrations continue

Caution urged to travellers as Middle East demonstrations continue

Travel and tourism could be impacted as violent protests look set to continue in the Middle East, following the release of a US film deemed to be offensive to Muslims.

U.S. ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans were among those killed in a number of attacks on US embassies over the release of the clip,

The film, entitled ‘innocence of Muslims, portrays the Prophet Muhammad as a womaniser and leader of a group of violent men, was distributed online with an Arabic voice-over.

Protests broke targeting US embassies in Tunis on Friday in addition to demonstrations taking place in Cairo, Khartoum and Lebanon.

British, Swiss, German and Dutch properties across the region were also targeted but were not badly damaged, according to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.


The US State Department is advising against all travel to Tunisia for US travellers.

Meanwhile travel advice for Britons considering a trip to the affected countries remains unchanged.

The FCO said: “We strongly recommend that British nationals avoid all forms of demonstration. While many protests pass without incident there is the possibility of injury if you are caught up in a demonstration that does not remain peaceful.

“If you become aware of any nearby violence you should leave the area immediately and keep yourself informed of developments by checking the news, observing the instructions given by the security authorities and/or your tour operator and regularly check this advice.”

Britons in Cairo have been urged to exercise caution close to the US Embassy and to avoid any demonstrations.