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Tourism booms in Greece again after pandemic

Tourism booms in Greece again after pandemic

In the scenic village of Naoussa on the Greek island of Paros, locals are anticipating that it would be a record-setting tourist period. After two years of bad luck in the wake of the pandemic, tourist numbers rebounded outstandingly last year. This summer, the Aegean island is hoping to perform even better.
Construction places are pulsating all over the fishing village with its whitewashed homes that are so characteristic of the Cyclades.

Many soon to be rented houses are undergoing a facelift. Many complexes with a swimming pool are getting improved at the same time.
Last year, tourist appearances in Greece reached 27.8 million, marking an 89.3-percent surge compared to the previous year, as said by the Bank of Greece.

Profits this year are predicted to be equivalent to the high of 17.6 billion euros, in accordance with the association of Greek tourism businesses.

Tourism is responsible for almost a quarter of Greece’s GNP. It has been helpful in shoring up the economy of Greece all through the pandemic.

Source: Travel and Tour World