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Tobago Blue Food festival honors 50th anniversary

Tobago Blue Food festival honors 50th anniversary

When one thinks of culinary art Tobago’s coastal village of Bloody Bay may not be the first place that comes to mind. The small community boasts no Michelin-star restaurants or world-renowned chefs, but it has established itself as a culinary destination nonetheless, serving as host to one of the most unique food expositions in the Caribbean, the Tobago Blue Food Festival.

On Sunday, October 14, 2012, Tobago’s top cooks will convene at Bloody Bay to once again take on the challenge of creating dynamic, tantalizing dishes out of the commonly-used ground provision, dasheen (taro). This year, the festival will be held in honor of the nation’s 50th anniversary, and patrons will enjoy “blue food” dishes at a venue that will be decked out in red, white, and black.

Coordinated by the Division of Tourism and Transportation of the Tobago House of Assembly, in collaboration with representatives from the communities of Bloody Bay, L’Anse Fourmi and Parlatuvier, the Tobago Blue Food Festival is a fascinating twist on the traditional culinary food festival.

Having grown from a modest street-side event in L’Anse Fourmi to a fair that attracts thousands of visitors, the Blue Food Festival has been nurtured to become a much-anticipated fixture on Tobago’s event calendar. Locals and foreigners make the trek to Bloody Bay annually to sample innovative entrees, inventive appetizers, creative desserts, and robust liqueurs made from the popular ground provision.

This year’s Blue Food Festival promises to be an even bigger treat for both sophisticated gourmands and the average food enthusiast as the Division of Tourism honors the 50th anniversary of Trinidad and Tobago’s independence. More cooks, more entertainers, and interesting new activities will make this the biggest Blue Food Festival Tobago has ever seen. Twenty-five cooks from the three villages will compete in several categories, including best overall dasheen dish, most creative dasheen dish, best dasheen dessert, and best dasheen beverage. There will also be a crayfish cooking competition.


The crowd will also be treated to performances by a range of Tobago’s most celebrated artistes, including Shadow, Fire Fusion, and Johnny King.

The Tobago Blue Food Festival remains one of the many initiatives through which the Tobago House of Assembly increases the island’s visibility in the local, regional, and international tourism market. The annual festival consistently presents an opportunity to promote Destination Tobago, stimulate economic activity, and showcase to the world the island’s most delectable signature delicacies.