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Tightening of travel policies leads to increase in economy class bookings

Tightening of travel policies leads to increase in economy class bookings

Capita Travel and Events, the multi-specialist travel, accommodation and events business, has reported a 9% year-on-year increase in economy bookings, as a percentage of long haul air turnover, corresponding with a 9% drop in long haul business class bookings.

Capita Travel and Events attributes the movement from business class to economy to its recommended tightening of travel policies as it continues to work with customers to reduce the overall cost of any necessary air travel.

Such policy changes include a total ban on business class travel or the introduction of a minimum flight duration before business class is approved; anything under this cut-off must be booked in economy. The agency supports any policy change recommendations by providing suggestions to encourage acceptance and behavioural change amongst travellers.

Corrie Long, air product manager, Capita Travel and Events explained, “Switching a seven hour flight from London Heathrow to Dubai from business class to economy could save a business as much as £1,400. We can often limit the perceived, or real impact, of a policy change on the traveller’s experience or work productivity by adding lounge access from as little as £17.49. This small extra has a minimal effect on the overall saving, but facilitates relaxation and a more beneficial working environment for the individual.”