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The Vanilla Islands positions itself on social media

The Vanilla Islands positions itself on social media

It is now a requirement that tourist destinations must have integrated social media into their communications strategy to be visible and successful. Although it is the case for the islands of the Indian Ocean, numerous questions arise nevertheless in these destinations.

Does the islands have enough contents to be visible on YouTube (which is the second most important search engine today)?

Do all the professionals have access to a booking engine?

For a group like the Vanilla Islands, the challenge is important not only to be present individually but also to be coherent in concerted actions.

The workshop that took place on Mauritius on May 26 and 27 tried to answer this problem thanks to the technical contributions of an Australian consultant specialising in the question content.


The participants who came from Comoros, Madagascar, the Maldives, Mauritius, Mayotte, Reunion Islands, and Seychelles have from now the essential tools to work together according to a digital strategy validated by the participants.