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The tourism sector in Quito is strengthening in 2022

The tourism sector in Quito is strengthening in 2022

The joint work between Quito Turismo and the tourism sector has made the Ecuadorian capital one of the most popular destinations for travellers from all over the world. The recovery of tourism is reflected in the results of the second quarter of 2022. 48,000 people chose to visit the capital in August alone, an increase of 75% compared to the same period in 2021.

Based on these figures, Quito Turismo is expecting to exceed half a million visits to the capital in 2022 and by 2023, to reach the figures recorded before the pandemic.

The percentage of sales related to tourism are also proof that the sector is recovering. According to data from the SRI (Ecuadorian tax administration agency), accommodation reported an increase of 83%; tourist transport of 59%; tour operators of 39%; and food and beverage establishments of 19% growth in sales.

The increase in guest arrivals is also reflected in the Hotel Occupancy Rate (HOR). This grew between January and August 2022 by 47%, compared to the 20% recorded in 2021.

Quito Turismo works with the tourism industry on a permanent basis to strengthen the city’s image as the ideal destination for leisure travel and for hosting events, conferences and meetings, helping to revive tourism and its supply chain.