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The country chooses the new logo for EXPO 2017

The country chooses the new logo for EXPO 2017

The voting for the new EXPO 2017 logo continues until 22 July 2013. The nation-wide voting for the logo for the international specialised exhibition EXPO 2017 Astana began on 9 July 2013 on the site of NC Astana Expo 2017, JSC. The link to the official site is

In accordance with international practice for the largest international events, including EXPO, the country that won the vote changes its logo during the preparation period. This is due to the fact that the campaign logos as a rule lose their appeal. In addition, the new logo is needed so that a trademark can be registered and the brand can be made recognisable.

According to the requirements, the new logo must adhere to a number of conditions: it must be ahead of its time (it should retain its appeal for the next 4-5 years), must include the topic of the exposition in its visual form, and it must be internationally oriented.

Kazakhstanis were given seven logos to choose from, each of which had a conceptual basis. Currently, the logo titled ‘Green Energy’ has the most votes. This logo bears the image of green shoot, signifying new life and sustainable development, merging with a power plug, together symbolising ‘Green Energy’. The shape of the logo fully illuminates the idea behind EXPO 2017, highlighting Kazakhstan’s achievements in its approach to the technologies and could become an international symbol of Future Energy and Astana.

In addition, Kazakhstanis have been actively voting for the ‘Wind Energy’ logo. The logo combines the symbols of renewable energy – solar, wave, magnetic field and wind energy. In alignment with the topic of the exposition, ‘Future Energy’, the colours are bright and crisp. This composition will present Astana as Kazakhstan’s cultural capital and as a centre of new technologies.


The top three favourites also included a logo shaped like the letter A that combined futuristic and traditional national elements.

‘Pyramid’ logo. By using lines and shapes reminiscent of solar arrays, this logo combines the letter A and a silhouette of Peace and Harmony Palace, as one of the symbols of Astana. The solidly built pyramid represents knowledge and technology. The logo radiates strength and captivates, creating a special atmosphere both at the exposition itself and throughout the world.

‘Astana - Future City’ logo. The shape is a modified infinity symbol, signifying renewable energy and the constancy of life processes. The shape of the logo is visually similar to the first letter in the name of Kazakhstan’s capital. It’s simple and strong, high-tech and friendly.

The ‘EXPO’17‘ logo is shaped out of symbols of a house, the sun, wind, water and earth, and uses the colours of Kazakhstan’s flag. Combining nature, technology and integrated space, embodying the characteristic features of international expositions - dynamism, openness and creativity.

The ‘Solar Energy’ logo symbolises the sun, energy and Astana as a hotbed of innovation, creative thought and new principles in energy use.

The international trade exposition EXPO 2017 is an important event for the whole country. Kazakhstanis have been asked to choose one of the seven logo designs, having their say by 22 July inclusive. Through voting, any resident in the country can contribute to the creation of the new brand for the EXPO Astana.