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Tenerife reveals brand overhaul with new logo and slogan

The Tenerife Tourism Corporation has unveiled a brand new slogan and the redesign of its traditional ‘X’ logo to accommodate the island’s new positioning, based on product specialisation.

The ‘100% Life’ motto will replace the previous ‘Enjoy it all’” from now on, together with a more round shape of the word ‘Tenerife’ and an embossed ‘X’ which displays the shape of Mount Teide, the island’s natural gem.

Carlos Alonso, president of the Tenerife government, who was accompanied at the launch of the new branding by Miguel Ángel Santos, president of the Tenerife Tourism Corporation, stated: “This is not a ‘brand revolution’ but a ‘brand redesign’ so that specialisation and segmentation are reflected not only in the new positioning of the island but also in its visual identity.”

The Tenerife Tourism Corporation had been using the ‘Enjoy it all’ slogan for over a decade, which made reference to the wide array of possibilities available on the island for all sort of visitors – from white and volcanic sandy beaches and outdoor activities to culture and adrenaline sports.

According to Alonso, the slogan and logo needed a makeover to reflect the specialisation of the brand in an ever-increasing competitive market.


“‘100% Life’ combines all the elements which make Tenerife a unique and differentiated destination: the island’s pleasant weather; the beauty and diversity of its natural landscapes; the friendliness of the islanders; and the dedication of all professionals who help visitors have an unforgettable experience on Tenerife,” he added.

The popular ‘X’ logo has not been modified as it has contributed to consolidate the island as a leading holiday destination.

However, it has been embossed so that the shape of Mount Teide, Spain’s highest peak at 3,718m of altitude, can be appreciated.

Tenerife is the most popular Canary Island with British travellers.

In 2014, the island welcomed over five million visitors, the UK market being the biggest source of visitors to the island – a total of 1,684,939 British tourists visited Tenerife last year.