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Temptation Cancun Resort to reopen this autumn

Temptation Cancun Resort to reopen this autumn

When it reopens fall 2017, Temptation Cancun Resort’s sensually anticipated redesign by Karim Rashid will redefine the destination’s skyline.

Inspired by the human body, the resort’s smooth, multi-collared seven story façade will be a beautiful, sensuous highlight of the strip.

The award-winning design makeover for Temptation Cancun Resort began in September last year under the vision of world renowned creator of sensual minimalism, designer Karim Rashid.

An evolutionary concept in Cancun, the new 430-room resort welcomes adults-only to experience a sensual vibe throughout the entire property, with its bright colours and rounded, amorphous, human-like shapes designed to optimise feelings of connectivity and attraction.

Upon completion of the renovation project, the property will have eight restaurants, including one aphrodisiac-themed restaurant, five bars, a spa, fitness centre and two pools.


“Temptation’s new design by Karim Rashid showcases everything we stand for - excitement, sensuality, passionate and innovative; with legendary and top-notch services,” said Rodrigo de la Peña, chief executive, Original Resorts.

“With its grandiose façade, excellent restaurants and facilities, Rashid’s redesign includes everything from the colours to the shapes and the furniture to the open spaces, creating a sensual atmosphere where vacationing couples are immersed in our adults only playground during their entire stay.”

A hip, sensual vibe is the hallmark of this beachfront, topless-optional resort where the enticing atmosphere is both invigorating and relaxing.

Among Rashid’s favourite components of his award-winning redesign is the hotel’s façade, a stunning visual addition to the Cancun beachfront strip.

Rashid’s design pierces the façade with a small orifice-like opening, drawing guests into the sensual undulating interior of the hotel, full of spaces that are designed to bring people together.