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Superbreak offers packages to latest hit exhibition at the British Museum

Superbreak offers packages to latest hit exhibition at the British Museum

Superbreak, the short break specialist, has created a new range of packages
that will allow customers take in the latest exhibition at the British

At the end of September, a major exhibition opened at the British Museum
and through Superbreak’s services, customers can take care of all their
holiday needs - flights, London hotels and exhibition entrance - through
one website.

This new British Museum showpiece brings myth to life by exploring the
Aztec civilisation through the divine, military and political role of the
last elected ruler, Moctezuma II who reigned from AD 1502 to 1520. The
story is told with elaborate painted screens and mother-of-pearl encrusted
panels that are being lent to the UK for the first time. This is the final
part of a series of exhibitions at the museum that have focused on the
lives of four of the great world’s greatest historical rulers. Superbreak
has packages available that include timed entry tickets to the exhibition
and overnight accommodation at a wide range of boutique hotels London.

From his capital in Tenochtitlan, the site of modern Mexico City,
Moctezuma’s empire comprised much of modern highland Mexico, stretching
from the Gulf Coast to the Pacific Ocean. Moctezuma’s world was
unrivalled until the devastating arrival of strangers - Cortés and his
Spanish fleet. The legacy of this tumultuous event and the semi-mythical
status of Moctezuma will be reassessed through the display of imposing
stone sculptures and rare gold and turquoise objects, many of which will be
seen for the first time in the UK.

Superbreak’s Moctezuma package will run for the duration of the exhibition.