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STR Global releases Dec. ‘09 and year-end ‘09 results

STR Global releases Dec. ‘09 and year-end ‘09 results

The Americas region recorded declines in all three key performance metrics when reported in U.S. dollars for year-end 2009 and December 2009, according to data compiled by STR and STR Global.

Overall for 2009, the region’s occupancy dropped 8.7 percent to 55.3 percent, average daily rate fell 9.1 percent to US$99.08, and revenue per available room dropped 16.9 percent to US$54.81.

Highlights from key market performers for 2009 include (year-over-year results, all currency figures in U.S. dollars):

* Nassau, Bahamas, reported the largest occupancy increase, up 5.9 percent to 60.1 percent, followed by Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with a 4.4-percent increase to 67.7 percent.
* Three markets posted occupancy decreases of more than 15 percent: Buenos Aires, Argentina (-18.1 percent to 55.6 percent); Mexico City, Mexico (-17.4 percent to 50.6 percent); and Santiago, Chile (-17.3 percent to 61.1 percent).
* Nassau reported the only ADR and RevPAR increases, up 7.5 percent to US$127.33 and 13.8 percent to US$76.51, respectively.
* New York, New York, experienced the largest ADR decrease, falling 21.8 percent to US$215.14, followed by Mexico City with a 17.7-percent decrease to US$106.73.
* Three markets posted RevPAR decreases of more than 25 percent: Mexico City (-32.0 percent to US$54.00); Buenos Aires (-27.6 percent to US$79.43); and New York (-26.3 percent to US$166.11).

December 2009


Overall for December the region’s occupancy dropped 2.0 percent to 44.6 percent, ADR declined 5.3 percent to US$96.68, and RevPAR decreased 7.1 percent to US$43.12.

Among major markets, Nassau reported the largest occupancy increase for the month, up 11.6 percent to 61.9 percent. Alberta, Canada, posted the largest occupancy decrease, falling 12.5 percent to 43.9 percent.

Sao Paulo, Brazil, ended the month with the largest ADR and RevPAR increases, jumping 39.8 percent to US$99.05 and 37.7 percent to US$51.80, respectively.

San Francisco, California, posted the largest ADR decrease, falling 17.4 percent to US$117.39, followed by Chicago, Illinois (-13.2 percent to US$99.01), and Buenos Aires (-12.6 percent to US$154.85).

Two markets, besides Sao Paulo, reported RevPAR increases of more than 20 percent: Rio de Janeiro (+22.7 percent to US$135.18) and Nassau (+21.7 percent to US$87.79).

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