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Spain to reopen to international tourists in July

Spain to reopen to international tourists in July

Spain’s prime minister, Pedro Sánchez, has announced the country will reopen to international tourists from July, pledging to guarantee the safety of visitors and the workforce.

The leading destination receives over 80 million tourists per year.

Starting in July, Sánchez said that international tourism can resume once more, adding tourists can start planning their holidays.


Sánchez confirmed that as part of the planning for Spain’s phased reopening plan - known as the ‘Plan de Desescalada’ - the government was working with the tourism sector to prepare measures for the reopening.

The moves will be coordinated by ministry of industry, business and tourism in collaboration with Spain’s autonomous communities.

Going forward, the prime minister announced that Spanish tourism will have two new hallmarks - health and safety and environmental sustainability.

Greece, Poland and the Algarve have announced similar moves in recent days.

At the same time, the European Aviation Safety Agency has been considering how to get passengers safely back in the air.