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Spain revamps tourism website as industry restarts

Spain revamps tourism website as industry restarts

Spanish authorities have relaunched the official tourism portal as the country reopens its borders.

Minister of tourism, Reyes Marot, said the site had undergone a complete revamp.

The work had been timed to correspond with the return of visitors to Spain and as part of a post-Covid-19 tourism strategy.

The new design features a dynamic and user-friendly interface fully adapted to the latest trends and to the needs of the international traveller.

The website - which receives around 15 million visits a year - has been revamped as part of a wider tourism strategy which also encompasses a new tourism campaign entitled ‘back to Spain’.


Designed to encourage travellers back to the country, it features a series of videos and digital advertisements that will be showcased in key tourism markets.

In the planning to relaunch the portal, Turespaña carried out user studies and surveys in 16 countries to analyse the requirements of international visitors; why they visit tourism websites and what type of information they need.

Armed with this data and a number of key objectives and messages including; recovery of the tourism sector, empathy and identification with Spain as a travel destination, reducing seasonal pressures and extending the travel season, geographical diversity in tourism arrivals, and showcasing product diversification, the new website was developed.

The revamped portal incorporates a ‘mobile-first’ philosophy that provides optimal user experience on mobile devices centred around geography, key themes, practicality and current trends.

The website is available in nine languages and has been fully integrated with all major social networks to allow users to share their experiences, suggestions and own travel moments when visiting the destination.