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South Africa’s ANC centerary celebrations get underway

South Africa’s ANC centerary celebrations get underway

Thousands of South Africans have been celebrating the 100th anniversary of the African National Congress today.

Up to 100, 000 supporters, members and politicians, along with 14 African heads of state, descended on Bloemfontein as the centenary celebrations began.

Jacob Zuma, the President of South Africa addressed the nation in a 90 minute speech, stating it was a joyous celebration for all of South Africa.

He went on to pay tribute to his predecessors including Nelson Mandela, who has been unable to attend events in recent months due to his poor health. His former wife, Winnie was in attendance.

Zuma described the centenary as ‘an emotional and yet very exciting and moving occasion’.


He commented:“During this year, 2012, we must renew our determination to build a South Africa founded on the principles of the democratic

“We must bring new energy and new ideas of the kind of society we want to build over the next few decades. We will take urgent and practical steps to once again place the ANC at the forefront of the progressive forces for change.”

In 2010, South Africa staged what has been described as the most successful World Cup in history. Since hosting the games, the travel and tourism industry has been striving to maintain the momentum and keep up visitor figures with a number of initiatives and developments.