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SNCF launches TGVmax to young passengers in France

SNCF launches TGVmax to young passengers in France

SNCF has launched TGVmax, the first unlimited travel pass for young travellers.

Available to those aged 16-27, young adults can explore every corner of France in complete freedom, enjoying unlimited travel on all TGV and Intercités trains requiring reservations.

Travel is included to any destination, on any day.

There are no exceptions, even on peak travel days.

With the unlimited TGVmax pass, SNCF has transformed their relationship with rail and created new ways to travel with more agility and flexibility.

With TGVmax, young adults enjoy unlimited travel for just €79 a month, amounting to less than one return car-share journey from Paris to Marseille.

Rachel Picard, managing director, Voyages SNCF, said: “TGVmax create a whole new way to travel,

TGVmax pass holders can travel to any TGV or Intercités destination in France - more flexible, more intuitive and free from restrictions.

“With this new offer, SNCF has granted the passenger the ability to travel freely without ticket restrictions.

“We want to give young people access to better, more frequent travel experiences, with all the comfort of our high-speed TGVs.”