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Six Senses launches new website

Six Senses launches new website

Six Senses Luxury Hotels & Spa has launched a new website.

The site makes full use of the group’s vast library of extraordinary images, which often highlight the aesthetics and experiences, which are always unique, often unexpected and sometimes unusual.

They also show the incredible natural beauty of the locations that Six Senses calls home.

The Six Senses symbol, the highly recognised graphic of a six-sphere pyramid has been streamlined.

It is now reproduced in purple, channelling the colour’s association to dignity, wisdom, spirituality, vision, power and passion.

Clearly defining the emotional hospitality for which Six Senses is synonymous, the site is packed with a wealth of information that includes the all-encompassing crafted experiences and the diverse experts that support them.

From visiting spa practitioners and celebrity chefs, to star-gazers, marine biologists and even a resident paragliding professional.

These fascinating individuals compliment the dedicated employees that contribute significantly to Six Senses’ uniqueness.

Addressing the needs of the consumer, industry partners, and media, the site also includes a section on Six Senses Residences, careers and a look behind the brands at the group’s management style, mission and service philosophy.

It also includes the Evason-branded properties, and the almost legendary sustainability commitments espoused by Six Senses.

Partnering Six Senses in the development of the site were Gyro – an Advertising Age Top 50 Global ideas shop and London-based media agency, John Henry.

The new site, which retains the original address - - is a move to maintain and enhance the positioning of Six Senses into the future by New York based Pegasus Capital Advisors, who acquired Six Senses in June 2012.

This launch is just the first instalment of the new site and there will be several progressions in the near future, which will better to connect the Six Senses brand and people with potential guests, partners, experts and influencers across the social internet.