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SilverRail & Travelsavers ink new partnership

SilverRail & Travelsavers ink new partnership

Travelsavers, an international network of over 3,000 independently owned full service travel agencies in 30 countries, will roll out SilverAgent Pro to its team of agents in Ireland and the UK. SilverAgent Pro, SilverRail’s web based booking application, allows Travelsavers’ agents to search, book and pay for domestic and international rail travel for their customers easily and consistently, providing a viable, greener alternative to air travel on many short haul routes.

Despite the growing popularity of rail amongst business and leisure travellers, the process of booking rail travel has traditionally been very complex. Now Travelsavers’ agents, using SilverRail’s web based tool SilverAgent Pro, will have access to multiple connected rail companies across Europe and North America.

The application simplifies the process by consolidating passenger rail options from suppliers around the globe into a single universal engine. The application also enables multi-currency payments and supports both consumer and corporate discount programmes.

“We have seen resurgence in the demand for rail both with our business and leisure customers but have thus far struggled with always being able to provide rail as an option along with air. SilverRail Pro is easy to navigate and our agents were able to start using the application after a short fifteen minute training session,” said, Mary King, Country Manager , Travelsavers. “The solution from SilverRail allows us to give our customers exactly what they are asking for which is a one stop shop for all their travel requirements.”

“We believe that SilverAgent Pro will allow agents at Travelsavers to offer more choice to their customers, allowing their clients to make an informed decisions about their mode of transport based on price, journey time, productivity and environmental factors” said Ami Taylor, Senior Director of Account Development at SilverRail.