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SilverRail launches future of rail manifesto

SilverRail launches future of rail manifesto

SilverRail Technologies, the innovative technology business dedicated to supporting train companies to attract, interact and transact with their customers, has today launched its manifesto for the future of rail.

The rail industry is primed to overtake air.

High speed rail travel, continental deregulation and internationalisation have all signalled a step change in the way that rail operates.

But, there remains a customer experience problem; rail travel data is fragmented, travel managers and distributors have to rely on offline operations, and consumers and companies suffer.

SilverRail’s manifesto outlines a new set of five standards for the simple, smooth and scalable customer experience the future of rail needs to dominate short and medium haul travel:

  • A unified code structure for all train stations.
  • A common method for indexing journeys – so that anyone, anywhere can plan, manage and book a journey no matter where that journey is to or from.
  • A transparent, compliant approach to traveller and journey data.
  • A modern infrastructure for real-time booking.
  • A seamless and convenient solution for ticketing and settlement.

Will Phillipson, president, SilverRail Technologies, said: “It is now time for the renaissance of rail. Rail travel is primed to dominate short and medium haul travel, but until we figure out how to make booking simpler and more convenient than air, rail will struggle to compete.

“The standards that we have outlined are not new; they are the same that pioneered air travel. By applying them to rail we will make the speed, convenience, cost effectiveness and sustainability of rail a viable (if not preferred) option for travellers today.

“If, as an industry, we can use these standards to drive customer experience, a lot of great things will become possible.”

To download a copy of the manifesto click here.