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Seychelles performing artists meet their Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture

Seychelles performing artists meet their Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture

Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Minister responsible for Tourism & Culture, has been taking time to welcome the islands’ veteran musicians at his offices at the National Cultural Centre in Victoria ever since he assumed the position of Minister. This week it was the popular veterans - Despilly William, Jean Ally, and Joe Samy - who made time to call on the Minister who holds the portfolio for culture, and it was the opportunity for Minister Alain St.Ange to inform them that at the last Management Meeting of his Ministry it had been decided to oganize a series of public meetings for performing and visual artists, as well as with anyone within interest in the works of the Cultural Department, the museums, archives, libraries, the National Arts Council, and the National Heritage Foundation.

“I have listened to many artists since my appointment as Minister. They make time to visit me to discuss about their own achievements and their career. I have listened to their aspirations and challenges. At the last Ministry’s Management Team it was agreed that it was time for the Ministry to hold a series of public meetings to hear from both performing and visual artists, as well as anyone with an interest in our works,” Minister Alain St.Ange said.

Mr. Despilly William this week informed the Minister responsible for Culture on the DVD music project he is currently working on entitled Bonjour Seychelles. Mr. Basil Bouchereau on his part explained to the Minister for Culture of his drive to better represent artists as a registered agent; Mr. Jean Ally presented to the Minister with two CDs of his latest works - Sours Lanmour and Songs of Seychelles - and Mr. Joe Samy made time to discuss the CD, La Digue mon ile, je t’aimerai toujours, which has been chosen by the La Digue Island Authority and tourism operators as their theme song for the promotion of La Digue.

“These are just the latest visits by performing and visual artists. But I have also met other music producers like Mr. Gilles Lionnet and with the local Performing Rights (SACS) Committee Members. Other artists have been more involved with the Ministry’s National Troupe and with the coming Creole Festival. My mandate from President Michel at my appointment was to find ways to unlock possibilities for all our artists - performing and visual. We feel we are ready to now change gears in our approach, but before doing that, we need to enter the final stage of our consultative program, which is why we shall be doing the series of public meetings in the coming weeks,” Minister Alain St.Ange said.