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Seychelles National archives launches its History Fair 2013

Seychelles National archives launches its History Fair 2013

The Seychelles history fair is an exhibition of projects based on an exploration or investigation of issues relating to the Seychelles history. Its aim is to fill a need in the education system to ensure students have an awareness of the island’s history and its impact on the Seychelles society. The mission is also to ensure that students see through history their own development and in so doing enrich the public database at the archives and museums, which will help contribute towards the preservation of Seychelles national heritage and the islands’ cultural identity.

The fair is widely seen as an additional activity to the school calendar and a means of promoting interest and enthusiasm in the learning of history as an important subject in the national curriculum.

More importantly, the history fair encourages in the school the development of life-long skills and the awareness of past events, their impact on society, as well as an appreciation of the motherland.

During her speech to officially launch History Fair 2013, Ms. Benjamine Rose, the Principal Secretary for the Department of Culture, highlighted the importance for everyone in the community, children included, to become aware of the significance of our history and to be able to learn from it for both personal and national growth. The 2013 theme “heritage in our communities” is fitting as it will encompass all areas of our history.

All primary, secondary, and post-secondary schools are eligible to participate in the competition of the History Fair. There is also an open category for adult participation.


In attendance for the launching of this third edition of History Fair on October 4, 2012 at the Plaisance Secondary School was Alain St.Ange, the Minister for Tourism and Culture, and other high officials of his Ministry, representatives of the Ministry of Education, head teachers, as well as teachers and students from various schools.