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Seychelles event is international news

Seychelles event is international news

The Seychelles unique “carnival of carnivals,” which was held in early March this year, was the biggest event ever organized in the Creole Islands of the Seychelles, and it is today widly accepted as having been the most popular event held in these islands. Mass participation of the Seychellois population, and the involvement of the tourists who were holidaying in the Seychelles brought to life the spirit of this event organized under the theme “the melting pot of cultures.” Since the last three weeks, written press and TV stations from the four corners of the world have been bringing out reports of the Seychelles islands’ annual carnival and all have been echoing the one qualifying statement - “simply a success.”

Last week, the respected newspaper “Le Mauritien” from the neighboring island of Mauritius brought out dedicated pages on the Seychelles Carnival with the heading “The First Carnival of the Seychelles a success” with colorful pictures of the island’s unique March carnival. The pictures printed brought to life the diversity of participants of the “carnival of carnivals” of the Seychelles with one of Lima Calbio - the Soca Queen from Trinidad, Brazilian dancing stars, the French Float, immaculately-dressed Russian Sailors, an Arts School participant from the Seychelles, Indonesian dancers, Zimbabweans dancing group, and the delegation from the big island of Madagascar.

Twenty-one delegations from overseas descended on Seychelles for the March carnival, and they joined over sixty local groups and floats to make the first edition of the unique “carnival of carnivals” a total success. The Seychelles Tourism Board is the responsible body for the organization of the carnival, and they have said that they are over satisfied with the success of their event and that they have already launched preparations for the 2012 edition of their carnival.

George Michel, the photo journalist from the island of Mauritius who prepared the report for the respected “Le Mauritien” newspaper explained that the official opening of the March 2011 Carnival in the Seychelles was made by the President of the Republic of Seychelles Mr. James Michel in the presence of the Mauritius Vice Prime Minister Mr. Praving Jugnauth, the Vice President of Zimbabwe Mrs. J.T.R. Mujuru, the Vice President of Zanzibar Tanzania Mr. Seif Ali Iddi, the Seychelles former President Sir James Mancham, the Seychelles Vice President Mr. Danny Faure, and the Mayor of Victoria Mrs. Antoinette Alexis, among many other dignitaries.

Alain St.Ange, the CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board, contacted by the press about the coverage being given to the Seychelles unique carnival said that they felt humbled by the ongoing coverage being received. “We wanted to offer to the world an event where the Community of Nations could participate together. We wanted to offer an event that went beyond politics and where everyone was respected. This we have today succeeded, and we can only say that we are looking forward to an even bigger ‘carnival of carnivals’ from March 2-4, 2012. We say a ‘carnival of carnivals’ because it is the only carnival staged to bring together the best carnivals of the world and the best cultural groups of the world,” Alain St.Ange said.


The portfolio for tourism in the Seychelles today falls under the Office of the President. This was to enable President James Michel of the Seychelles to bring to life his vision for his country’s tourism industry, which he declared as the “Seychelles Brand” of tourism. Today, the island tourism industry is flourishing, investments in the Seychelles are gathering pace, and air access is peaking with increased flights to these mid-ocean islands.