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Scott signs up with Travelport

Scott signs up with Travelport

Travelport has signed new agreement with Scoot, Singapore Airlines’ budget arm that offers low-cost, no frills airfares from Singapore to eight cities in China, Australia, Japan, Taiwan and Thailand.

Both companies have undertaken a seamless integration of Scoot’s content onto Travelport’s GDS platform. 

Effective immediately, this agreement enables Travelport-connected agents worldwide access to Scoot’s inventories on Galileo, delivering crucial content to Travelport subscribers.

The addition of Scoot’s content will enhance the travel agent’s booking experience and provide travellers with a wider choice of fares when planning travel in the Asia Pacific region.

In addition to the content agreement, Scoot has chosen Travelport as their key provider of airline IT services, delivering e-ticketing access to the world’s global distribution systems and compatible airlines.

Travelport’s e-ticket database hosting service, ETDBase, will store and manage Scoot’s e-ticket data for online and interline e-ticketing; and Travelport’s E-ticket Interchange will manage the exchange of interline electronic ticket messages between Travelport-connected subscribers, airlines and ground handlers.

“The agreement with Scoot is a strategic signing for Travelport,” said Damian Hickey, vice president of distribution sales and services for Travelport Asia-Pacific.

“One of the key focus areas for my team is expanding our low-cost air offering, and we are delighted to partner with Scoot in the years ahead.”