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SAS orders new short-haul seats

SAS orders new short-haul seats

Scandinavian Airlines has ordered new seats for its shorth-haul fleet. The next generation seats from Recaro offer improved comfort for customers, who get additional leg room, whilst the lightweight seats weigh less and are thereby better for the environment. During 2012, eight Boeing 737-800 aircraft will be refitted with the new seats, a total of 1484 seats, and SAS thereafter plans to install the seats on further aircraft the following year.

“This investment results in more comfortable seats and more legroom for our customers, which means SAS will offer an improved travel experience to our passengers. At the same time it is in line with our strong focus on being environmentally conscious as the new seats results in approximately 360 kilo less weight per aircraft, which lowers both fuel consumption and CO2 emissions,” says Robin Kamark, Chief Commercial Officer, Scandinavian Airlines.

The first B737-800 aircraft with the new seats will take to the sky in May 2012. An SAS Boeing 737-800 has 181 seats.

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