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Samba Queen leading a Brazil delegation to Seychelles Carnival

Samba Queen leading a Brazil delegation to Seychelles Carnival

The Seychelles Tourism Board has confirmed that the Samba Queen from PARAISO Escola de SAMBA is personally heading a delegation of Brazilian Samba Dancers to the 2012 Carnival in Seychelles. The group is currently in the UK and will be flying into Seychelles alongside the Notting Hill Carnival delegation.

The Brazilian delegation was a great hit at the 2011 Carnival in Seychelles, and their arrival for this year’s carnival is greatly anticipated. The Brazilian delegation will be parading in the carnival procession alongside the delegations of the best and most-known carnivals: Notting Hill from the UK, Trinidad & Tobago, and Dusseldorf from Germany. They will be accompanied in the carnival procession by cultural groups from the Community of Nations.

All together, 26 international delegations are heading to Seychelles for the 2012 Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands Carnival, which is being jointly organized by Seychelles and La Reunion.

The Brazilian delegation, who participated in the 2011 Carnival, remained appreciated by the Seychellois population, and with the Samba Queen personally leading the 2012 Brazilian delegation, Seychelles is set to have another winner in the carnival procession.

The Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands Carnival held in the Seychelles will be launched on March 2 and will close on March 4.